Arts & Culture Fundraising Ideas

Arts and culture fundraising presents a particular challenge. You don't have the built in supporters that nonprofits focusing on health or social issues might have. Not only that, but the ticket-based nature of museums and other arts and culture organizations may lead visitors to believe that you aren't in need of donations at all. How, then, does an arts and culture nonprofit both meet budgetary obligations and continue the important work of cultural enrichment?

At Blackbaud, we consider ourselves true partners and supporters of the nonprofit industry. We want to be part of your organization’s growth and development. That’s why in addition to creating nonprofit technology that answers the needs of arts & culture organizations, we’ve also compiled resources tailored to the needs of museums, zoos and other cultural enrichment based non profits.

Blackbaud has been helping organizations like yours for more than thirty years. Our work with over 1600 arts & culture nonprofits has helped us understand what our clients need to create successful nonprofit marketing and fundraising campaigns. We are as passionate about our work as you are about your cause.

Use the reports, guides and resources here to help you create and implement strategies, boost ticket sales, plan events, promote supporter engagement and get the most out of your arts & culture fundraising efforts.

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