Blackbaud's Enterprise CRM System Helps Large Nonprofits Manage Fundraising Campaigns

Some nonprofit organizations need systems large enough to support a worldwide fundraising campaign. Blackbaud's elite Enterprise CRM system is specifically designed for large nonprofit organizations like Oxford University in London, whose prestige and presence is felt throughout the world.

Educational institutions as old and prestigious as Oxford certainly have alumni across Europe, Asia and the U.S. Universities like these have operations in several locations. Therefore, they require systems that are usable at various places – sometimes a world away.

Constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions from Blackbaud help nonprofit organizations cultivate the right relationships for the long term, streamline processes and help organizations stand apart from their competitors.

Blackbaud's various nonprofit CRM solutions are available to varying degrees depending on the size and scope of the organization. Larger groups like Oxford University though require a very powerful CRM system to ensure they meet their organizational goals.

Continue reading to learn more about how Blackbaud's Enterprise CRM system helps organizations like Oxford University and others effectively accomplish the goals of fundraising and nonprofit management.

Customized CRM solutions allow participants to better collaborate and share information securely

Because of the massive scale of Oxford's plans, and others, Blackbaud offers customized CRM solutions specifically tailored to meet the organization's needs. In Oxford's case, a CRM system that helps all facets of the university's 38 independent colleges and 6 private halls improve fundraising messaging, alumni relations, targeted marketing, data sharing and reporting was required.

A CRM system this large also requires highly configurable security settings for different role-based security requirements.

The following key features allowed Blackbaud to provide Oxford with a highly centralized, holistic view of constituents in real time:

•  Enterprise Scalability – Blackbaud platform for building multi-site system

•  Secure Data Management – Helps administrators easily assign role-based rights and privileges for sharing and restricting information between various departments

•  Customization – Provides the ability to closely map various relationships in accordance with organization policies and EU laws

•  Flexibility – Allows users to customize their experience to their individual needs while helping the organization as a whole reach its goals

Sue Cunningham, Oxford's Director of Development, says “We selected Blackbaud as our partner and Enterprise CRM as the database system, after a thorough international tendering process, because it provides us with a robust and functionally-rich solution for users across the Collegiate University.”

“We were in particular need of a database that could deal with the key requirements of securing and coordinating data, a system large enough to facilitate the needs of our collegiate structure and a strong web presence for alumni and friends.”

If you're involved with a large nonprofit organization and in need of an all inclusive nonprofit CRM solution , we invite you to take a look at Blackbaud today.

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