Online Fundraising Software for Nonprofits Maximizes Development Potential

Online fundraising software helps nonprofits access potential donors, build relationships and offer convenient giving options. Software packages come with a variety of features to provide integrated access to databases and tracking, as well as online and e-mail solutions.

For many nonprofits, fundraising software is key to donor management. Packages that include database capability provide fully integrated tools to help cultivate donor relationships and track giving history. Each contact with a potential donor, as well as communications and donations from existing supporters, is cataloged and tracked.

Nonprofits can then use the software to generate a variety of specialized reports, making fundraising management a much simpler process. Most of these features are available in both free and fee-based packages. However fee-based software may offer additional services such as regular National Change of Address updates and high-level technical support that are not available in most free online fundraising software. Both of these approaches have the benefit of storing information securely on the web so donor records are regularly backed up and available anytime, anywhere.

Another primary feature of web-based fundraising management software is access to online tools for accepting donations and building relationships.

Many of these packages allow nonprofits to build a website capable of accepting online donations. This creates a central location where supporters can view an organization's event calendar, recent news, updates as well as easily donate with a few clicks and a credit card. Transactions are generally handled by the online fundraising software provider, who then transfers the money to the nonprofit's account. Most paid software suites, and even some free ones, offer these transactions to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits for no charge..

As fundraising professionals know, relationship building requires multiple approaches. Additional features in many online fundraising software packages help with this by providing templates for e-mail communication with donors and additional tracking abilities. Regular e-newsletters help nonprofits make regular contact with supporters, and software can be integrated to show event attendance, campaign success, and even track volunteers by keeping records of availability, skills and other relevant information.

In essence, online fundraising software offers a unified, reliable tool set for any nonprofit's fundraising management needs.

Introducing e-Tapestry from Blackbaud, your free online fundraising solutions:

Unlike traditional fundraising systems that may give you limited access through a browser, eTapestry's free online fundraising software has been built to run on the Internet. The latest technology provides a sophisticated system that is simpler to maintain, costs less to operate and is intuitively easy-to-learn without extensive training. It tracks donors, prospects or alumni while managing gifts, pledges and payments.And for those tech-savvy users, eTapestry also provides a free API feature that will allow you to build more custom feature to meet your organizations needs.

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As technology becomes more and more essential to our daily lives, your donors will want to be kept up-to-date in new ways. Some may want to be contacted by email instead of direct mail and younger donors may prefer to give online. These are the donors of the future. Can you accommodate them and their unique needs? What if you don't have the time or money to invest in creating the necessary web pages? With RE:NetSolutions it's no problem.