Internet Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofits

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The Internet has completely revolutionized how people work, live and learn. Fundraising for nonprofits is no exception. Whether you’re a charity, school or some other nonprofit organization, using the Internet to raise funds and expand your mission is very important. eTapestry’s Internet fundraising solutions provide the needed infrastructure to achieve these important goals. To see for yourself with no commitment, try our Internet fundraising system free for 30-days.

eTapestry’s comprehensive, web-based system helps your organization:

  • Accept online donations
  • Keep detailed records of donor activity in real-time
  • Cultivate relationships with donors and members
  • Access fundraising data in the cloud anytime, anywhere
  • Avoid costly investments in software, data backup and on-site hardware
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eTapestry’s Internet Fundraising Solution: What Can I Do?

Enjoy a comprehensive Internet fundraising system based entirely in a ‘cloud’ based infrastructure. This means you can access information about your donors, volunteers and outreach from any web-browser. Continue reading to learn more about eTapestry’s features.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

eTapestry’s cloud computing, web-based system is accessible from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Have a mobile smartphone? Our mobile-enabled site brings all of the exclusive features of our Internet fundraising system to your handheld device. Never miss a beat on donor activity and make updates to profiles with just a few clicks.

Online Donation & Registration

Accept donations directly on your website with eTapesty’s online fundraising features. Built-in forms allow for a seamless integration between your donor system and existing site design, reducing confusion among donors.

Connect with Donors & Members

Besides online giving, eTapestry’s Internet fundraising software allows you to cultivate and manage relationships with all donors, members and volunteers. Spam analysis tools and scheduled delivery options assures that email correspondence with donors and members is CAN-SPAM compliant and ultimately reaches its destination.

Real-time Data & Reports

Get immediate, real-time reports of both on and offline fundraising activities. With over 100 pre-built reports, you will always be ready to discuss fundraising progress with your board or directors. Instantly see vital member information like renewal date, last donation received and more. Customized Dashboard functionality lets you customize what information you see when you logon.

Data Security

Advanced firewalls, router settings and storage devices at eTapestry ensure your users’ data stays protected. Data security is our number one priority with our fundraising software, providing you with peace of mind and giving your donors reassurance that their personal data will be safe.